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Discover how to buy your next home for no money down, no closing costs, receive cash back at closing  - - and help get a homeless veteran off the streets!

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67 Veteran and Military Families Helped

$121,093 in Closing Costs Saved - Money KEPT By Our Clients

$20,419.31 in CASH BACK! - Checks GIVEN To Our Clients

Benny Maxwell - Founder, 
Veterans Only Program™
Licensed Agent, The Danberry Co.
Direct: (419) 367-2861
Welcome and thanks for visiting. 

Before we begin, let me start off by saying...


I am sincerely grateful for you, your sacrifice and your willingness to serve. It is because of people like you that I get to enjoy the freedoms that I have and for that, I am eternally thankful. 

This program, although years in the making, is just a small token of my appreciation.


My name is Benny Maxwell. I am the founder and creator of the Veterans Only Program

I also have the distinct honor of being the #1 real estate agent in Veteran transactions in all of Northwest Ohio with $12,537,801 in sales to date.

If you stick with me and read this admittedly lengthy letter, I'm going to break down every component of the Veterans Only Program, why it was created and most importantly, how you can benefit from it.

Here's a sneak peak of what I'll show you:
  • ​How we are structuring deals for our Veteran clients that allow them to buy homes with no money down, have their appraisal fee waived, have their closing costs covered and, in some cases, get a check back at closing!
  • ​REAL case studies of Veterans and Military members just like you who have benefited greatly from this program!
  • How you can use the Veterans Only Program to obtain these same results for yourself!
INTRODUCING: The "Veterans Only Program" - Revolutionizing The Way Veterans and Military Members Buy & Sell Real Estate!
In a nutshell, here's what the program is all about...

I help Veterans and current Military members take advantage of their VA benefit to the fullest extent imaginable. 

Through the Veterans Only Program, I've added some unique twists that allow my clients to take advantage of the best part of their benefits but at the same time, eliminating the biggest downsides of the VA program.

Some highlights include:
  • No Down Payment
  • Discount on Home Inspection
  • No Appraisal Fee
  • Home Warranty Included
  • Closing Costs Covered*
  • Money Back At Closing*
  • Discount on Title Services
  • Pay Off Mortgage & Other Debts Years Faster
  • Gift From a Different Local Business Every Month
  • Special Closing Gift
  • Donation Made To Help Get a Homeless Veteran Off The Streets
*In real estate, every transaction is unique. Closing costs being covered and getting money back at closing are not guaranteed.
As you can see, there is quite a lot here.

And it sure didn't happen overnight.

It's taken years to put all of this together.

To find the best of the best in terms of inspectors, lenders, home warranty companies, title companies, etc.

To find local businesses that were willing to help in the fight against Veteran homelessness.

To find the right people at the VA that could tell me when a need came up for a Veteran.


This was, quite frankly, an exhausting and at times, frustrating process.

But it's all worth it when a Veteran or Military member goes through the process and ......
Before we get too far, let's take a step back and start from the very beginning...a little bit about me
My purpose for creating this page and especially this section, is because I believe it is extremely important to really get to know any person that you may consider entering into a working relationship with. (Most of my closest friends don't even know the information I'm about to share with you here.)

I grew up in a small town called Lake Orion, Michigan...about 20 minutes north of Detroit.

I had what most people would consider a normal upbringing in a working class family.

I was a typical boy...rambunctious, carefree, daredevil, invincible, etc.

Here are a couple of quick stories from my childhood...

Story #1:

When I was young, I thought it would be fun to parachute.

I'd climb up trees and jump down using a garbage bag as my parachute.

I'd climb higher and higher, thinking that if I could just climb a little higher, the garbage bag would slow my fall.

I never could quite climb high enough for the "parachute" to be effective. (Or, maybe the trees we had just weren't tall enough?) :-)

It wasn't for lack of trying though.

Story #2:

For my 12th birthday, I was given a used dirt bike.

It was a Yamaha YZ80.

It was LOUD...

It leaked oil...

But it was FAST!

I LOVED riding that thing!

Supercross was just starting to become a popular thing so I started seeing professional motocross riders, jumping and taking their hands off the handlebars in mid jump.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That looks INSANE!!!

So you know what that meant!!

I would make a jump in my yard using the biggest tree stump as a base.

I went as fast as possible, hit my home-made jump and in mid air I quickly raised my hands in the air...

Unfortunately, the motorcycle I had wasn't built the same as the ones I saw racing on the tv.

The one major difference was their gas tank (in front of the seat) was made out of plastic...mine was made out of medal.

...and that's exactly where I landed.

Not only did I land squarely on that medal gas tank but my leg landed directly on the piping hot muffler!


It wasn't all bad though...

I played baseball, basketball & football growing up and I loved them all.

Through my childhood, it became apparent that I was best at baseball.

I went on to play through college and had free agent workouts with 7 or 8 MLB teams...Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers and others.

In the end I was told by a scout with the Braves that I had a "major league arm" and that they would like to place me in a southern league but that I was older than what they were looking for.

I decided against it...a decision I regretted for years.

Oh... there was one other impactful thing that happened that year.

Looking back, it was actually one of the reasons why this program exists...
How A Pushy Kirby Vacuum Salesman Lead To Me Becoming One Of The Most Trusted Real Estate Experts...
I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was upstairs in my bedroom getting ready for work when I heard my mom yelling in the dining room, "GET OUT OF HERE NOW BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!!!"

I frantically rushed downstairs to see what in the world was going on.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I discovered that my mom was in the middle of a very heated argument with a vacuum salesman (and his "assistant") who wouldn't take NO for an answer. (I later found out that he had that "assistant" waiting outside in the car to call in if he was unable to close the sale.)

I panicked and shouted "It's ok! Dad's almost home and I'll go call the police right now!"

Fortunately, that was enough for the salesman and his assistant, to pack up their stuff and bolt out the door but that moment rocked me to my core and altered the way I think about selling to this very day.

I vividly remember driving to work that day, thinking to myself that I would never, under any circumstance and for any amount of money, treat somebody like that vacuum salesman had just treated my mom.

I vowed that I would starve before I treated somebody like that.

Fast forward some years to my career in real estate and I started seeing real estate "gurus" and brokers teaching agents unscrupulous business practices.

One of the most popular ones is to tell home sellers (people selling their own home) that they "have a buyer for their house". The goal is to make an appointment and try to list the house. (They never had a buyer...just a way to get their "foot in the door.")

Other shady things like agents "buying the listing"...a term used when an agent takes a listing at an unreasonable price and then starts trying to get price reductions immediately knowing the home would never sell at that price.

Even worse, I've seen agents not show homes to their clients because the commission being offered wasn't as much as other homes on the market...even if the home was perfect for the buyer and they really wanted to see it!

And probably the most disgusting thing I've witnessed...

A listing agent selling a home to their own buyer for $10,000 less than what my buyer offered.

Yes, I've seen some disturbing things in this business.

And it caused me to create something totally different.

A program that allows me to say THANK YOU to the men and women who protected our country and gave me the freedom to chase my dreams of playing professional baseball.

Without further ado, let me show you some specific results that some Veterans and Military members using the Veterans Only Program have achieved...

CASE STUDY: How The Owen family bought a brand new home with $0 down, paid exactly $0 in closing costs and RECEIVED a check for $1,109.73 at closing!

Let me share with you a quick story about one of our clients, Trevor & Naomi.

This is The Owen family

Small Call to Action Headline

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Pretty cool, huh?! Imagine buying a brand new home with NO MONEY DOWN, NO CLOSING COSTS AND GET A CHECK BACK AT CLOSING!

Now you might be thinking...

That's great for the Owen family but that couldn't happen for me.

Has it worked that way for anybody else??

The answer is a resounding YES, but instead of telling you, allow me to show you some more proof.
Kyle bought a house in Genoa with $0 down payment, $5,000 in closing costs paid for and received a check for $721.01 back at the closing table.
James bought his first home in Toledo with $0 down payment, $3,899.29 of closing costs paid for and received a check for $1,138.78 back at the closing.
Joe & Ashleigh bought this home...
Scott bought this home...
Brian closed on a home that he was able...
Jacob was able to buy a home...
Mike and Debbie bought their home...
Sean and Sadie bought a home in Maumee. this is where i will say more about their home buying experience. talk about how much they saved, the closing costs and if they received money back.
Seen enough? Want to see if this program can help you?


Here's some more on the testimonial to expand the view.

Even after the case studies and testimonials, you might still be skeptical... I get it.

In fact, I'm a skeptic about most things.

I'm a firm believer in "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

I don't like to be lied to...

I don't like to be mislead...

If you lose my trust, it's hard to get it back.

And that's exactly how I view each business relationship with a client.

I understand that it's taken me years to build the reputation I have but that can be changed in one transaction.
Did you notice the five stars next to the reviews above?

Those stars = TRUST.

To me, there's nothing more important than that in this business.

I hope to have the opportunity to earn yours as well.
Seen enough? Want to see if this system is right for your business?
The Way I See It, You've Got 3 Options.
So, now that you know all about the Veterans Only Program, what it has done for many others and what it can do for you, I'd say you have three options.

Option #1: Do nothing

Pretty self explanatory. 

Just stay where you currently are and don't buy or sell.

Option #2: Hire a non-specialized, run-of-the-mill real estate agent

I’m talking about that friend or neighbor you have that also has a real estate license. 

Let's face it...the average real estate agent is a dime a dozen now that the market is hot. (Happens every time the market heats up...people jump in looking for the "easy money" then exit the business quickly when they find out it doesn't work that way.)

Every one of us knows at least a handful of agents. 

Some are good. 

Some of them I wouldn't use if you paid me. 

Either way, they do not offer what I do.

Having said COULD choose to work with them. 

Maybe they would structure everything the right way...

Maybe they would know which costs you don't have to pay...

Maybe they know how to protect your interests throughout the process...

Maybe they know each and every intricacy of the VA loan...

Maybe they know what the VA appraiser looks for in a home...

But maybe not...

I don't know about you, but I don't like being anyone's guinea pig.

If I'm buying or selling a house for $75,000 or $750,000, I want to work with somebody that knows what they're doing.

I'd say let them learn the ropes with somebody else.

Option #3: Hire a specialist team

Your third option is where you can work with specialists like us. 

A team who knows exactly what you need as someone using a VA loan.

The ones that invented the program.

Think of it like this...

My wife had to have a surgery done on her hand recently.

Did we want to go with a surgeon that was doing this surgery for the first time?

Or, did we find the surgeon that has performed this exact procedure hundreds of times?

Clearly, we went with the one that had the most experience dealing with this EXACT surgery.

Now, I'm not comparing buying or selling a home to any kind of surgery.

But in terms of our financial health, why put the single largest financial transaction of your life in the hands of somebody that may not know what they're doing.

Especially if you have a better option.

On this page, you've seen undeniable proof that we know what we're doing when it comes to working with Veterans. 

Again, we've worked with more Veterans and closed more VA transactions than any other agent or team in Northwest Ohio!
We want to help you!
We’re here to help. 

We know what to do. 

And... perhaps much more importantly, we know what NOT to do.
If you want to use the Veterans Only Program, then schedule a 20 min strategy call by clicking on the button below.

It’s totally FREE and you’ll get a blueprint of how exactly we can help you. 
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Who is Benny Maxwell?

When I was 19, I suffered from A LOT of snowboarding and surfing injuries. And over the following years my neck spasms got worse and worse.  

That’s why my company Lead Control Media chooses to focus strictly in helping chiropractors and alternative medicine practices. 
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